Lin's Visit to the Hospital after the Kidnapping

LindaMichelle entered the hospital for her appointment with Dr Lionheart. Seeing him in the lobby, she smiled and walked up to him to give him a hello kiss.

Dr Lionheart turned in time to see the lovely young lady and smiled, leaning down to return her kiss, ignoring some of the looks the staff were giving them. "Ah hello Lin, you are right on time." he said.

Linda stepped back after the kiss and self-consciously touched her hair and stood with her feet apart to present herself better. "Oh I do try to be punctual, Dr Lionheart." she replied with a smile.

The doctor tilted his head a bit, still a bit mystified at how she presents herself the way she does, but he won't complain. He examined her with his eyes, right there in the lobby, from the tips of her toes, up her long legs, pausing for a moment at the front of her short skirt, then continuing up to her dark, lovely eyes. "Well you seem to look in high spirits, let's head up to my office." he s…

Velvet's problem with the HOA

Velvet yawned and opened her eyes, blinking in the dim light that filtered in through the window of her Uncles bedroom. 

    She stretched languidly, like a cat, and sat up, swinging her dainty feet off the edge of the bed and stretching some more, letting out a satisfied sigh. After all the naked dancing the night before, and subsequent game of "catch me if you can" with Vlad, she had taken off, changing into some spare clothes she kept in the trunk of her convertible and heading over to Morningwood for a few drinks and yet more dancing at the pub.

    In the wee hours of the morning, she had returned, half drunk and crazy horny, and she'd climbed into her uncles bed, waking him up for a nice long ride on his cock. He had been only too happy to oblige, and finally spent, she had curled up next to him, letting the afterglow carry her into a blissful, dreamless sleep.

    She grinned as she looked over at her uncle, laying there and still sleeping peacefully. For an …

Drac comforts Lin

Draco Lim smirked as he looked to his bioamei  and reached under her dress pushing her thong like panties down.
Linda looked around the street for any members of public but it was quite private in their little cul-de-sac so she let Drac remove her pearl panties.
Her cousin smiled and twirled her panties on his finger in front of Lin and chuckled. "See? Much better." he said softly.
"Drac.. there might be people around.. like Mr Southpaw!" Lin whispered though she was at least relieved that her dress was longer than some of her skirts..
Drac snorted. 'That didn't stop you last time with Uncle Alex?" he teased for a moment
Lin blushed as she recalled the incident with Uncle Alex on the lawn. She kinda couldn't stop Uncle Alex as he had been teasing her nipples mercilessly and she had lost control.. "Oh. that.. that was different.." she replied lamely.
Drac laughed a bit at her words. 'Was it?' he asked simply. He then looked to hi…

Rae pays her cousin back in his room~ -Posted by draco

Rae Tan and Draco Lim were at the door of his apartment, Rae lowered eyes understanding Drac still needed relief. Drac nodded his head at her and asked her to come in and hang out with him in his room. Rae smiled and walked in.
Drac smiled and pulled Rae down onto his lap and then looked down at her.
"You getting lots of videos from downstairs?" Rae asked as he laid her head against his chest.
"Yes I do.. why?" he asked her as his head tilted.
"Oh I am just curious I suppose.." Rae replied as she played with his pants button.
Drac smiled as she played with his pants bottom, the sight of her alone causing his cock to stir within his pants.
"Ummmmmmmm.." Rae purred as she slipped her warm palm inside his pants. She looked up into Drac's eyes for a reaction as he touched him and felt his warmth.
Drac blushed a bit as her hand found what it was looking for. His shaft hard and pulsing already in her grip. a small amount of pre-cum drooling from …

Linda tells her daddy about the pregnancy

LindaMichelle squealed in delight as her daddy entered through the main door. "Daddddyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!" she cried, running up to him to give him a big hug and kiss.

Thomas Ling caught her running up and gave her a big hug in return with a twirl in his arms to slow her momentum. Finally stopped and held tight for a long overdue kiss "Hello little Lin."

Alex Tan smiled and chuckled at Lin's enthusiasm. He watched, staying silent during their reunion.

Linda mmmmed in her daddy's arms and his kiss. She kept hugging him and kissing him, peppering his lips and face with fluttering kisses. "Oh Daddy.. I missed you soooo much!" she pouted between the smooches.

Thomas Ling tried to return each and every one of those little kisses. In between, he spotted his brother-in-law. Doing his best to offer a polite bow of his head to at least offer some form of greeting without denying Lin her kiss attack "I missed you too."

Lin giggled as she finally let her d…

Linda does some stretching, and gets stretched - posted by Draco!

Lim Hai Loong "Draco" looked out of his room window and looked towards Linda's house to peek on his cousin.

Linda was standing out on the patio, doing some light stretching to keep healthy for the baby. She still had not announced it to the family yet.

Drac chuckled as he made his way out and over to her, and moved slowly up behind her watching her stretch.

Lin did some side benders, not realising that Drac had crept up behind her.

Drac couldn't keep his eyes off his lovely cousin, his gaze moving across her, waiting for the right moment for her to bend forward to move in and behind her, pressing the bulge in his pants against her soft ass. "Hello Meimei? Working out I take it?"

Linda gasped as she felt something press against her naked sex. She was wearing a two-piece outfit that day so she was not allowed to wear underwear. Lin then hear Drac's voice and laughed, holding her bent over stretch. "You startled me Loong Gege."

Drac chuckled as …

Outside with Uncle Alex

Alex Tan Zi Zhong stood out in the yard, studying a place that may look good for planting roses. He looked up, snapped out of his thoughts by the arrival of Allan. "Ahh good evening Allan."

Allan Southpaw the Realtor smiled, observing Alex, "Hey there. It's a nice evening, isn't it?"

Alex Tan nodded his head, the evening wasn't too hot or cold and a nice breeze was blowing. "Indeed it is, I was just studying the front of the house and thinking about taking up horticulture." he chuckled lightly.

"A man of many talents I see - or at least - a man looking to increase his talents." the realtor chuckled too and patted Alex' shoulder then beamed as Linda came out to greet them

"Ahh speaking of flowers, there Is a beautiful one now." Alex smiled at his niece. "Greetings sayang.  Sudah makan?"

Linda blushed at Uncle Alex's compliment. She then went to give him a kiss and after him, she wriggled her fingers shyly at the…